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The 5 Day Book Writing Program

5 Daily Sessions To Not Only Get Your Started on Writing Your Book But ALSO
To Help You FINISH The Damn Thing Too

In This Free 5 Day Program, I'll Show You How To...
  • Get out of the overwhelming task of starting your non-fiction book
  • Make the writing process simple
  • Flesh out the core of your writing
  • Put your stories and lessons together
  • Find your voice in your writing
  • Get past the fears that writing up a book brings up
  • How to stay consistently and magically writing
  • ACTUALLY finish writing that damn book

Writing a book is as powerful as your ability to actually finish your book...and yes, that's exactly what I struggled with with my first two books. Honestly, I wrote 15 books before I finally published ONE. What I found through the process is that there were ways to make the completion cycle simpler and less, well, hard. 

Things that start from the first day of setting up the project all the way through to breaking past the insecurities and doubt that inevitably creep up for every author.  This isn't about consistency or magic formulas, but it IS about finding the path that ends in a book in your hand. 

This 5 Week Book Writing Program is exactly what I used to write my 3rd book AND what I'm using as I'm writing my 4th, 5th and 6th books (all in progress now). This is like having a FULL COURSE worth thousands simmered down into 5 manageable chinks of do-able-ness and I'm gifting it to you! 

So click below and let's get started - THIS is the year for your book to greet the world! 

Big Hugs to You! I'm Stacy Nelson, 
Best Selling Author, Publisher 
& Kick Ass Coach & Mentor

I've spent a lifetime learning to follow my intuition in all things, especially my business and have taught thousands of others to do the same. Our inner voice is our most powerful tool and I love teaching others to ditch the formulas of business as we've been trained and to dive inside for our answers. That said, being an author is a life-long dream of mine and I have reached Best Seller Status several times now. That little girl in her room pretending to write a book on a typewriter would be so thrilled to know that's become a real thing...

2016 is the Year of Your Book! Your First Lesson Starts With A Click...

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